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Australian operators on AO-40

I am attempting to get a system up on AO-40 S band and U band.
I have a Norsat converter and a reasonably low noise pre-amp feed from a
60cm dish and 3.5 turn helix. Testing has  been done with a TTL type signal
Friday night 31/8 30km east of Adelaide, I received the S2 beacon marginally
with just the converter (no pre-amp) so I was a happy camper to have at
least heard the beacon an know approximately where it will be on my FT-726.
(This was reasonably early in the pass).
I am not sure what the squint angles are but using WinOrbit  and a modified
.att file (attitude information) for AO-40 reveals a angle of 100 degrees or
more for most of the pass.

Is there any one in OZ who is having success receiving AO-40 on a similar
set up .? Any tips on tracking and squint angles would be helpful.
Dale Cavies

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