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RE: Fw: Mars? Why not P3x in moon orbit...?

> Of course all this is "blue sky" talking ;-), since returning 
> to the moon
> isn't on NASA's plate right now...and for the next 20 years, 
> either.  When
> they do go back...to set up a manned base, lots has been written about
> making the base below the surface to even-out the temperature 
> extremes {and
> avoid meteor falls}.  Communications would likely go there, too.  They
> would probably use a combination solar-nuclear power plant 
> for the base.

Quite possibly.  As you say, it would  be a while before we see a lunar base

> My read on libration is that it causes signal fluctuations over a few
> seconds rather than days.  This is to eme signals so maybe 
> that has much to
> do with the lunar surface roughness.  I think a 10-degree bw 

That is due to the reflections from a very rough and slowly moving, but very
large reflector, and the "libration fading" is actually yet another case of
VHF/UHF/microwave multipath fading.  This wouldn't apply to an active
transponder on the lunar surface, as that would be a single energy source
beamed at the Earth.  Reflections should be inconsequential.

> antenna would
> suffice given adequate tx power, thus fixed pointing.  Also 
> in 30-40 years
> obtaining 20-50w on 10 GHz should be easy...that's where it 
> should operate;

Well, that would mean at least a 20dB hit on antenna gain at the moon end.
We may be able to generate the power, but who knows what regulatory hoops
we'll have to jump through to use it into a high gain dish back on Earth
(think EMR safety regulations, and the way the masses get carried panicky).

> keeps both lunar and terrestrial antenna sizes reasonable.  Better get
> those kids into Amsat, so there will be hams around to work it!  Most
> likely beyond my lifespan.

It's definitely best suited to the microwave bands. :)  Hey, one day, we
might be talking to the moon

<switches hats>

Now, when we get a good data link up there, perhaps we can link the local
lunar repeater to Earthbound ones. ;-)
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