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RE: Mars? Why not P3x in moon orbit...?

Robert Oler WB5MZO said:

> Want to experiment?  Lets try some related to communications instead of
simply trying to be NASA without being NASA.

Hello Bob!

What you say makes sense but modern day space business doesn't always make

Various AMSAT organizations around the world will often work with a
university to build a satellite and get a government launch. The amateur
satellite community benefits, the university students benefit, and sometimes
governments/countries can benefit. But those launches are usually to low
earth orbit.

Want to take a relatively large spacecraft to GTO? Now you have to play with
the "big boys" who think nothing of spending $100 million dollars for a
launch. I think it's pretty obvious that we (amateur radio operators) cannot
compete at that level. We could simply give up and concentrate on low earth
birds ... or we could live on the bleeding edge. Those are really the only
two options available.

So we live on the edge and offer to do "crazy" things like, be the first to
ride on a new launch platform; or come up with some revolutionary launch
ring adapter, or maybe we offer to build an inter-planetary space vehicle
with the hope that some launch company would be just as "crazy" as we are
and offer to launch something as cool as that for free! They would get lots
of publicity and perhaps we get a cheap/free ride. The downside? It might
blow-up, or it might not work, or an alien ship might intercept it. Who

But when you play in a millionaires game with a dollar in your wallet
sometimes you have to make sacrifices and take risks. From my observation,
that is what we do here.

I think the biggest mistake that AMSAT (worldwide) has made to date was to
not issue a huge warning list of all the things that could go wrong with
their projects with every membership certificate. This stuff is not for the
faint of heart; it really is after all, rocket science! :-)

73 de Jeff, N9AVG

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