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RE: Fw: Mars? Why not P3x in moon orbit...?

>From: Tony Langdon <tlangdon@atctraining.com.au>
>> Any package on the Moon will need some sort of perpetual 
>> power (meaning 
>> nuclear) or will have to be at one of the poles where the sun 
>> doesnt set and 
>> doesnt shine depending on where you are (ha).
>Well, if you could find a nice half lit, half shaded spot at one of the
>poles, things would be easier. :)
>> Otherwise it will experience the problems of the Apollo 11 
>> Alsep and the 
>> Pathfinder...when it gets cold and stays that way things die.
>I'd have expected that.  They put heaters on deep space probes for that
>reason. :)

Of course all this is "blue sky" talking ;-), since returning to the moon
isn't on NASA's plate right now...and for the next 20 years, either.  When
they do go back...to set up a manned base, lots has been written about
making the base below the surface to even-out the temperature extremes {and
avoid meteor falls}.  Communications would likely go there, too.  They
would probably use a combination solar-nuclear power plant for the base.

My read on libration is that it causes signal fluctuations over a few
seconds rather than days.  This is to eme signals so maybe that has much to
do with the lunar surface roughness.  I think a 10-degree bw antenna would
suffice given adequate tx power, thus fixed pointing.  Also in 30-40 years
obtaining 20-50w on 10 GHz should be easy...that's where it should operate;
keeps both lunar and terrestrial antenna sizes reasonable.  Better get
those kids into Amsat, so there will be hams around to work it!  Most
likely beyond my lifespan.


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