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RE: Fw: Mars? Why not P3x in moon orbit...?

> Any package on the Moon will need some sort of perpetual 
> power (meaning 
> nuclear) or will have to be at one of the poles where the sun 
> doesnt set and 
> doesnt shine depending on where you are (ha).

Well, if you could find a nice half lit, half shaded spot at one of the
poles, things would be easier. :)

> Otherwise it will experience the problems of the Apollo 11 
> Alsep and the 
> Pathfinder...when it gets cold and stays that way things die.

I'd have expected that.  They put heaters on deep space probes for that
reason. :)

> blow through that in half a day or less).  If you read your 
> old QST's there 
> was a "plan" to fly a ham package on the Apollo 19 ALSEP.

Well, QST's are not as common on this side of the big puddle (some avid
readers do subscribe though). :)
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