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RE: Fw: Mars? Why not P3x in moon orbit...?

Hello Tony.

Any package on the Moon will need some sort of perpetual power (meaning 
nuclear) or will have to be at one of the poles where the sun doesnt set and 
doesnt shine depending on where you are (ha).

Otherwise it will experience the problems of the Apollo 11 Alsep and the 
Pathfinder...when it gets cold and stays that way things die.

If NASA hand not turned off the 12-17 ALSEPs they would probably be working 
today (they saved a cool million dollars...the space station program would 
blow through that in half a day or less).  If you read your old QST's there 
was a "plan" to fly a ham package on the Apollo 19 ALSEP.

I have the prototype boards...


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