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TenTec 2510B Revisited

While browsing the manual of my new IC-910H, I though back to the various
satellite rigs I had use since the late 1970's.  My first, real, no kiddin'
satellite rig was the TenTec 2510.

When I first read about the 2510, I thought this would be the perfect B mode
rig; 2m down converter to a 10m IF and 70cm transmitter.  However, the
design (ergonomic not technical) made it an unwieldy rig to operate and it
quickly went back to the dealer and the Yaesu 290 & 790 became my satellite
station.  TenTec reintroduced the concept with a new design, the 2510B which
solved the original problems; the dial displayed the downlink frequency
verses the uplink; the receive converter and transmitter tracked; zero
beating was done in the rig verses adjusting the external 10m IF.  However,
the PR damage was done and other equipment was on the market; the 2510B died

The thought struck me, the 2510B was 20 years too early.  What an great,
simple AO-40 rig it would make!  A 2m receive only downlink; no fear of
zapping a down converter, a 70cm transmitter for uplink (with a linear) or
to drive a transverter for L mode.  Granted, it didn't have the whistles and
bells of the 910H/736/847/2000/etc., but it was a simple, straightforward
piece of equipment.  Maybe the folks in Sevierville might dust off the 2510B
design, update the technology, and offer us a 2510C.

Just some thoughts for spirited debate.

Tom Webb, WA9AFM/5

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