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RE: Umbrella dish antenna


> Well i tried this afternoon with some metal paint inside an ombrella, and
> result.
> as this spray isverry expencive, dont try it

Thanks for the info!

Yes I have a can of this stuff too - I've seen nickel and silver coated
copper screening compound for coating the inside of plastic boxes etc to
reduce EMC/RFI. Cost in the UK abt US$15 to US$30 for 400ml.

I did a test spray onto some material and was perturbed when it didn't
conduct. I never took it any further - I was going to see if it had
inductive properties first before blowing a whole can on a brolly.

Thanks for saving me the effort!

> I'm looking for metalic fly mesh like howard, but i dont find it

For fly screen, in Europe contact your local pest control in the Yellow
Pages. I found a place on the web in the UK where I bought a 10m x 1.2m
roll, but I can't for the life of me find them again!!!

On the positive side, as an alternative to aluminum fly screen (which is a
bit too rigid and fragile for regular unbrella opening/closing) I found some
stuff called Flectron. It's NOT cheap, (in the UK US$100 for a 1m x 3m
piece) but it does conduct - very well indeed. This really is very similar
to fabric. Downside is that it is not a mesh and so will suffer in windy
conditions. But possibly very good for a portable antenna... time will tell.

73 Howard G6LVB

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