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P3x in moon orbit...


I got many reply's back at my topic hehe.

Some amateurs wrote that an lunar orbit is unstable.
Unfortunatly I have no knowledge about these things
and maybe someone can find some stable orbit, tell me.

About the path losses I had no data but it seems to be
16db more than with AO-40. This must be compensated
with bigger antennas or/and amplifiers.
Most amateur now thinking about bigger dishes in their
garden. I know the problem, I have also not the space
to put such big dish. 

My idea: One huge dish on the satellite !!!!!!

The satellite will be bigger, but when the satellite
has only an 23cm-->13cm transponder the problem is
only small. The antenna's on AO40 are not very huge
because all the antennas have to share AO-40 surface.

When using only one huge dish with only an LS
transponder will do the work. Maybe the signals will
not be 5/9, but AO10 is also not 5/9 anymore but still
we can use it ! 

We must not make such many transponders at different
bands as in AO40. Many parameters that can give to
many problems. Just keep it small and easy to control.
Just one LS (23->13) transponder would be okee.
Maybe higher frequenties will be more interrested to
use only this will make it more expensive for the
satellite makers and also the users.

Okee, tell me what you think of it...

73 de PE1RAH, William


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