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Re: Mars? Why not P3x in moon orbit...?

Hello Bob.

Excellent comments.  As I was typing the post I was thinking about  the 
various examples that try and define a "slippery" slope between what should 
and shouldnt be on amateur frequences or refered to as an Amateur payload.

I agree that someone who is flying "their" RC airplane shouldnt have to 
allow everyone access to it...but say for instance that a University 
deciedes to do its own version of Global Hawk.  Say some sort of RC research 
airplane  and to keep cost down they do it on the "ham freqs".

Its not a satellite but it strikes me that this would be something that had 
less to do with amateur radio then research.  NOW one could quickly see 
somethings that might tip the scales. Say for instance that to do this 
someone else at the university develops a modulation scheme or say an 
equivelent to one of the new digital encoding schemes that is then put out 
for amateur use.  I think that PANSAT is an excellent example of something 
that was in all respects an amateur radio effort.

OK its not that widely used (grin) and as something that excited the ham 
community it was less then successful BUT the "new technology" scheme was I 
think clear.

Its a tough call in all respects and I certianly dont imply the capability 
to be the arbitrar of what is and isnt.  Of course sometimes simple can be 
intriguing.  Remember RS-40?  For the high school crowd that was "radio 
inclined" that bird and some of the interesting information that could be 
gleaned from it was pretty exciting.

The oldest set of nieces cut their scientific/technical teeth on analyzing 
the "data" from that bird.  I'd like to see a Vanguard 40...

Robert Oler WB5MZO Houston TX

PS...good luck in Alaska.

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