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Re: Mars? Why not P3x in moon orbit...?

On Sat, 1 Sep 2001, Robert Oler wrote about Amateur Satellites OR
satellites carrying Amateur Radio:

> If you are proposing that Amateur radio satellite frequences should be
> opened to projects that are non commercial and non amateur
> communications packages then I would say that I disagree.....
> Amateur frequencies should  be in my opinion for amateur radio
> communications  purposes of general  use/interest to amateur radio
> operators.

Robert, this comment that follows does not oppose your premis above, it
just uses it as an introduction for me to inject a comment:

Just for discussion, model airplane radio control on amateur freqeunceis
has always been fully legal and supported as an amateur radio application.
But just because a duly licensed ham builds an airplane and puts it in the
air, does not in my mind mean that he is required by all moral principals
to let any other ham fly it...

I too fully encourage and welcome amateur communications as the primary
application that will benefit the most hams from space, but I am very
careful not to let our interest in the "primary" application in any means
to suppress other amateur radio applications... that are done with due
consideration to the other users of our very narrow allocation..

Just a thought..

de WB4APR, Bob

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