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Thanks For the Back-Telemetry

Hi Group,

A big thank you to everyone who sent in all their back telemetry captured
from AO-40. It took in all around 6 hours to process but well worth it!

In all nearly everyone submitted data that contained blocks that did not
exist in the archive. In all the records for 27 orbits were updated, ...

To those who contributed for the first time, ... thank you, ... and please
send in any new data you collect.

To the regulars or "The Telem Group" as I call them, ... many many many
thanks as always. You're always there when the command team needs you, and
your continued efforts are greatly appreciated.

Best Regards
Paul Willmott, VP9MU
AO40 Telemetry Archive

p.s. off for a beer now because I'm sick of merging telemetry today :^)

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