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Re: Mars? Why not P3x in moon orbit...?

Amateur Satellites OR satellites carrying Amateur Radio.
Yes, there is a distinction. Do those radio amateurs amongst us who follow 
the latter course truly believe that the only people permitted to launch 
self motivated, non-revenue just-for-the-hell-of-it satellites are Radio 
Amateurs? I am convinced the real answer is NO.

We can only claim rights over the frequencies used. If we are to take a
narrow view of Amateur radio to block or inhibit every like-minded 
experimenter's access to space we are doomed!



Well what exactly are you proposing?

If you are proposing that Amateur radio satellite frequences should be 
opened to projects that are non commercial and non amateur communications 
packages then I would say that I disagree.

Lets try some examples.  If for instance a slow scan tv set were to be put 
up on say ISS and then just continually "beep" (sorry but it sounds good) 
slow scan TV to any and all who have the modem and modest reciever then that 
would be I think in the amateur interest.  I think however that it crosses 
the line to say have an amateur telescope (either radio or optical) in orbit 
that is used by say a college and both uplinks and downlinks on amateur 
radio frequencies.  Even though (perhaps) the downlink could be recieved by 
all it would be clear that the "prime" purpose of the "device" would not be 
communications instead it would be astronomy.

Amateur frequencies should be in my opinion for amateur radio communications 
purposes of general use/interest to amateur radio operators.  The instant 
that they become something else that is the instant that they are in my 
opinion vunerable to other interest both in their "acquisition" and in their 


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