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Re: AO40 orbit 386 MA 50 no RUDAK heard

domenico.i8cvs@tin.it (i8cvs) writes:

> The matrix is showing RUDAK 1 and  RUDAK 2 ON but no signal has been heard
> from RUDAK at all carefully tuning from 2400 to 2402 MHz

This is not surprising, and should not be a cause for alarm.  The power to
the RUDAK system was turned off during the recent S2 incident, causing a
complete reset of the RUDAK CPU's.

When RUDAK is first powered up, the RUDAK downlinks will be silent regardless
of what the IHU says about power and IF matrix settings.  The RUDAK team 
must send explicit commands to bring up the downlink modulators and reload 
software into the RUDAK CPU's after a power cycle.

For now, loading of RUDAK software and related commanding only happen when the 
spacecraft is visible from Colorado with reasonable squint angles during the 
part of the orbit where RUDAK is connected to the matrix and the passbands are 
turned off.

73 - Bdale, KB0G
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