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Parabolic Parasols...Linux and telemetry [was:Re: Umbrella dish antenna]

On Saturday 01 September 2001 10:48, Dave Guimont wrote:

> Yay, Maggie, way to go!!   Keep us all informed...But try a patch for
> a feed, much better in my opinion...

Hmmm. I'm in favor of anything that's less work. :-) 

Darn...now I need to go back and *read* all that chat about patches 
over the last few weeks. :-)

Oh, Linux users who want to use ao40tlmview: 

Make sure you get the 1.01 version, the initial release will segfault 
when capturing data over UDP or TCP. Also, ktelemetrydemod does a great 
job of forking data out to multiple destinations, and works well with 
ao40tlmview, but p3dtelem is much better at fishing blocks out of noisy 

However, when I compile p3dtelem as distributed, for some reason it 
will only forward blocks over UDP when decoding from a wav file, not 
live. If you apply the TCP patch from PA3FWM (ao40tlmview author), it 
works just fine, and you can watch the incoming blocks build up in the 
RAW window on ao40tlmview as they are decoded. URLs for all the 
programs are at the AMSAT-NA site.

73 de Maggie K3XS

ktelemetrydemod is much more fun to watch though...

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