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Re: Umbrella dish antenna

On Saturday 01 September 2001 06:25, Howard Long wrote:

> I put up some pics of a brolly antenna I've been experimenting with
> for a few weeks now. It's work in progress but I had some very
> satisfactory results on AO-40 with it last night.
> http://www.g6lvb.com/brollydish.htm

Oh, well-done, Howard! I'm working on a design for a small stressed 
parabolic dish inspired as a scaled-down version of the K2RIW design 
(ARRL Antenna Book, 18th edition, ch 19).

I'm contemplating what's basically a variation on my mutant K5OE helix 
for the feedpoint (Drake mounted to PVC pipe, feeding through a 
reflector (likely will put a can around this one). Then a-ways down the 
pipe, attach a number of driveway marker shafts (strong, flexible 
plastic rods about 1/8" dia) to serve as ribs, with their tips bowed in 
with monofilament line attached to the PVC pipe. I'm not aiming for a 
portable design, even though the K2RIW one was (a 12' dish, no less!)

We'll see if I can make that go. I've been itching for a way to improve 
my S-band RX without actually spending money.    

 73 de Maggie K3XS

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