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Re: Mars? Why not P3x in moon orbit...?

At 03:39 AM 09/01/01 +0200, Jens H. Jensen wrote:
>At 00:55 01-09-2001, you wrote:
>>  I don't know about the path losses
>>but I think this will be not an huge problem when use
>>high gain antenna's. When using only an 23cm/13cm
>>transponder then the satellite and antennas can be
>>small. The satellite would be light and only an little
>>engine would be needed.
>Isn't the pathloss 6dB for every doubling/halving of distance?
>That would then be 18dB weaker at 400.000Km than at 50.000Km, or ????
>Eight times the dishsize, all other things being equal.
>Somewhat large....

My understanding is that lunar orbits are inherently unstable ...
i.e. it would require a lot of station-keeping fuel for a long stay in 
lunar orbit.

Dave   VE3GYQ

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