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Re: IC-910 Xmit Inhibit

>Have any 910 owner/operators devised a way to inhibit xmit on the 144MHz
>side of the 910 to protect converters?  I know the main band (maybe it's
>the sub band) doesn't allow xmit, but the wrong switch actions can counter
>that.  I found a foolproof way with the 736 (cutting the keying line).
>Just wondered if a similar mod had been discovered for the 910.
>Tom Webb, WA9AFM/5

Hi Tom,

The 910 is probably different than the 821, but for 821 owners just pull J7 
on the
RXA board.  It is on the top LH rear of the 821.  I cut a small hole in the 
top cover
and now I can easily re-enable the 144 xmit  in seconds, should I desire.

I've been struggling for months now swapping cables to keep from frying my 
but now my worries are over...Should the need to swap U and V xmit 
frequently, develop, I'm sure
there is a way to interrupt a voltage with an external switch, and do the 
same thing.
Perhaps some Icom 821 owner has already figured this out....

I had to go to ICOM Japan to get the answer, I wouldn't bother with ICOM 
USA, I can never
get an answer from them.


They answered my question the next day...IF, and that's a big IF,  should I 
ever want another
ICOM I'll order it directly from Japan!!

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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