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FT-847 Question - Tuner vs. CAT Control

OK... I have discovered something I did not know before that a LOT of you
probably know and have the answer for. Several of us in my area own the
Yaesu FT-847 and have discovered that you cannot use the FC-20 tuner and the
CAT Control at the same time.  I have seen read several explanations and
somewhat understand. We have searched the BB's for the 847 and can't find a
suitable work around unless we overlooked it.  However, my question is this:
Is there anyway to work around this?  Can a simple A/B switch be installed
so one can switch between the FC-20 Tuner and the CAT Control so you don't
have to keep unplugging and plugging up the FC-20 tuner cable?  I "REALLY"
like the radio and as all products it has it's problems but I don't want to
get into a Holy war of why this radio is better than this one either. I just
want to know if someone has encountered this and found a nice fix for it?
Wayne, W9AE, had a wonderful fix for the 2m Tx inhibit so I was hopeful that
someone here had such a simple fix.  I anxiously await your replys! Tnx &

Rick Tilton
Foothills of NC APRS and Satellite Website

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