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Re: mode LS--great idea! was -> Re: L uplink; Europe-Alaska Window

A freind pointed out something to me on my idea [partial quote]:

">As it is I can work mode L/S anytime now....sure it's not as strong but then
>maybe I need to tweak my system.....So I'm against just a small window for
>mode L/S only.....
>ED, they had that on AO-13 and as far as I'm concerned IT stunk...( most
>times it would turn on right in the middle of QSOs... also it was a very
>little used mode.... very few had the uplink and the damn satellite was no
>use to the majority....I think that is one of the main reason people don't
>want to move up to mode L.....( I could back then but on AO-13 very few
>stations on mode L)"

So I retract the suggestion, for now...let's see how things go with both
modes co-exisiting.  I certainly do not want to cause a situation that will
de-motivate anyone, nor cause disention.  My goal was to motivate more
mode-LS operation.


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