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Re: Warning Radio Shack HTX-10 & uniden HR2510...

Your warning about those particular rigs not withstanding, this is a pretty 
good configuration.  I have an almost identical setup here, except I use an 
old HTX-100.  There is no fear of this baby transmitting as I took the MRF 
final out!  I bought it on eBay for next-to-nothing since it would not 
transmit and did the final-ectomy; planning to fix it but the final cost more 
than I paid for the radio!

I also took a Hamtronics converter and added a few mods to it as well:
1. power switch and status LED on front
2. bypass cap and RF choke on inside of the input connector to power the d/c
3. a second output, driven through a toggle switch on the back allowing me to 
switch the second output from 10 m or 2 m.  I can have one 10 m and one 2 m 
output or both on 10 m.

I take one 10 m output to my rig's receive-only HF port and I take the second 
output to the HTX 100 for full-time beacon monitoring.
Jerry, K5OE

alawler@us.oracle.com writes:

>   I'm in the process of setting up a second telemtry 
>  channel off my main 2 meter downconverter output,
>  using a Hamtronics ca144-28 converter to further 
>  convert the 2 meter signal from my ao-40 converter
>  down to a dedicated (cheap) 10 m rig as a quick
>  and dirty way to always be able to recieve telemetry
>  (and peak the antenna pointing against the beacon)
>  while using the FT736r for QSO's.
>    While messing around, I discovered that both the
>  Radio Shack HTX-10 and the Uniden HR2510 throw
>  momentary high-power RF spikes out the antenna 
>  port when first powered on (and sometimes when 
>  powered  off.)
>    Hopefullly this will save somebody some grief
>  at some future point.  (And no, I haven't fried
>  my main rig or downconverter - YET!)
>    -al
>    WB1BQE
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