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Re: 2.4 Gig Phones

At 18:00 25-08-2001, you wrote:

Hi Gary!

>  I am concerned in adding a 2.4 Gig Phone... looking
>at digital spread spectrum models.

Somewhere i have read that the term "SS" for these phones have been abused 
by marketing droids who dont know what they say, and is not quite what it 
is on a LAN.

I.E, some wireless phones are actually using frequency-hopping with slow 
hop-intervals, and according to an article one brand stayed on a single 
frequency for MINUTES at a time!. I am sorry that i don't remember where i 
read it....

My point: If you decide to buy one of these, be sure to get permission to 
return it if it doesn't coexist well enough.

>Anyone have any experience or comment as to possible "interspecific"
>to my AO-40 operation, or the lan from the new 2.4 band phones.
>I have not been able to find out where exactly they operate, esp the
>spread spectrum "spread" area.

Does the 2.4GHZ ISM band have subdivisions especially for SS?
I thought it was "everyone against everyone"
Please comment, anyone in the know..

Good Luck with the e-XP-eriment!

73 de OZ1LRG

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