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Re: FT-847 and the Packet Port

"Alan P. Biddle" wrote:
> Keith,
> You might go to www.en.com/users/rayd/ft-847/wwwboard/wwwboard.html and look
> at the excellent FAQ they have on the rig.  I have a two port TNC, and wired
> one port up for 9600, and the other port for 1200.  However, it appears
> based on the results of others, especially ZL2AMD, that the two radio ports
> are really the same

No , this is incorrect and the source of much confusion at first , one
port will only function ( tx ) in ssb mode ( the "data" jack ) and one
port will only function ( tx ) in the fm mode ( the "pkt" jack ) .

Now both jacks always have rx audio on them but only one is operational
for tx depending on what mode is selected .....
The "data" jack was meant for SSB - sstv , packet , psk-31, rtty  etc ,
whereas the "pkt" jack was meant for FM  1200/9600 packet .
And you are correct that if you overdrive ( more than ~40mv pp) the tx
input while in 1200 baud mode it will actually shutdown tx output .

Yes the ft-847 bb is a great asset and Ray should be applauded for
keeping it online for soo long :^)


Douglas Cole   N7BFS
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