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Re: Metal Crossboom

OK Joe, so you live in God's country, and the winds and the cold weather go
right along with it!

My boom is also 10' long, but the wall thickness is a husky 3/8".  Before I 
put it up
I clamped the center in a vise, and put a load on both ends that would far 
any windload, unless I put a 6' dish on both ends...It flexed, but came 
back to the
original shape, and has been that way for 15 years...

>I have broken 2 fiberglass booms.  One in the wind (okay it was 90 mph), and
>I slid a piece of closet rod (wooden dowel) down the second one.  At
>somewhere around -15 degrees F the fiberglass contracted enough around the
>closet rod that it split the fiberglass.
>I have yet to break a steel one.  Also the steel ones are $8-$15 and
>available just about anywhere.  Fiberglass is much more expensive and much
>harder to find.  It is also very reasonable to put up a 10 foot steel cross
>boom.  The extra real estate up there is handy when mounting those heavy

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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