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Analog Vs Digital Radio

Hello Folks,

On 8/16/2001 I sent an email to the AMSAT reflector with
a desperate plea for help with my first failed attempt to
hear AO-40.  Many people replied and helped me achieve
success on my next try.

One respondent said that he had not heard of any other AO-40
station using the DSP-10 transceiver except for mine.  His
comment is partially responsible for this email.

Last night I replaced the DSP-10 with my IC-706 and JPS NIR-12
external DSP audio processor.  I had hoped that the change would
make a difference in my ability to hear SSB.  It did not help.
In fact it was not as good as the DSP-10.

I have been using the DSP-10 for about a year now for 2M and as
an IF for my transverters.  As I began using the DSP-10 I had
to learn how to use a laptop computer to control the transceiver
instead of the dials and knobs that are used on a standard
transceiver.  Up until last night I was uncomfortable with this
"no knobs or dials" approach.

When I returned to the IC-706 and NIR-12 last night I found that
I could no longer effectively tune in a signal with the old
familiar knobs and dials.

Much of my sensory input was gone.  There was no spectral display.
There were no spectral peak or average readings to watch.  The
waterfall display was gone.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the additional information
provided by the spectral display more than offsets the time needed
to learn the keyboard commands.

This is just my perspective.  Others may dislike software/DSP radios.

For those who have not tried a software/DSP radio, however, I highly
recommend it.

Bill, WA6QGR   
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