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RE: All the Hype!!! and a suggestion to amsat.org

On Sat, 18 Aug 2001, Alan K. Adamson wrote:

> AKA - Your points are all good ones, but what I am suggesting is that the
> "team" include a "publicist".  This person as a fundamental member of the
> team.  They need to be involved with everything that happens and be able to
> generate the status information on their own with proof or editorial
> privilege going to the experts.  But that should be tweaks and not
> re-writes.

Believe me, I agree 100%.  When someone comes to join the team as a
publist, I will support him 100%..

> My other.  I'm not suggesting that once you reach a point of unknown that
> you continue to have to make stuff up.  But just tell us that you are at the
> point and give us a date in the future when you will report.  That report
> may again be - we are on hold.  That's ok, it's the no information or no
> expectation for a level set that is frustrating.

I agree somewhat.  But the only way to do this wouild be to give a DAILy
report.  Inforation changes EVERY DAY.  and doing a DAILY report on things
that are constantly changing clearly places such news into the category of
useless HYPE which is so clearly not desired. (see note at end...)

TO me, satellties are risky enough, that in general, All I want to know is
AFTER it is launched.  I dont want to waste email time on AMSAT-BB reading
about every daily postponement...  It just contributes to creating a false
sense of anticipation and frustration..

> Which of the 3 of us working 16 hour days for the last 2 months do you
> want to do this?

> AKA - BTW, I sincerely appreciate your feedback and your statusing.  I'll
> tell you however, the guys at StarShine or Sapphire need to think about the
> same.  For example, the last update on Sapphire is on 8/13 and it's from a
> guy via email in ST. Louis.  What the heck is that, he makes mention of
> coming back from Alaska, but nothing more.  I wondered, did they have
> problems and scratch the launch all together or what?

The GUY in ST louis IS the team.  Sapphire was designed and  built 6
years ago by students at Stanford.  Those students have LONG ago
graduated.  Fortunately one, went on to get his PHD and became a Professor
in St. Louis.  That professor who is now in the throws of preparing his
fall teaching load is the "team" on Sapphire.  Since Stanford had no one
who knew anything about Sapphire anymore, the satelite in a box was
transferred to Washington Sate U where the only team member is. There is
absolutely nothing new about Sapphire that is different from 6 years ago
other than the Launch date.  The only thing that has been done in 4
years is to charge the battery...  
> on amsat-bb.  Not my intention, my intention is only to try to stimulate
> some feedback on all the launches that are suppose to be happening.....AND

Good question...
Oh, and let me mention another concept that may be of interest... and that
is that we can talk all about neat ideas about satellites as we build
them.. no one cares...  But once The satellite becomes a "real" vialble
possibilty in the Launch campaign, then every bureaucrat in every
institution becomes involved.  In such cases, no information can be
released by anyone without approval of a dozen people.  In my case,
working for the government, I am not suposed to post anything about our
satellite without running it throught the public affairs office for
"approval".  In fact, not just approval, but they are the only ones that
can interface with the Press.  I sent some stuff to QST, but then I got
my hand slapped and you wouldnt believe the snafu..

Your comments are well made.  Im just trying to fill in on why it ain't

Oh, and  regarding Starshine.  That is the prime NASA payload.  ANd it
takes 10 people at NASA for each word of text released to the public...
(my opinion only and mostly in jest..).  

Oh by the way. we were told that laucnh would be no earlier than 4 Sept
and that we would know specifics by the day before yesterday.... Still no

Oh yes, and one other thing, ITAR.  The State Departemnet has made it
imposible to talk about ANY satellites to anyone foreign.  At Kodiak, we
are 3 amateur satellites and a Univ of Surrey built satellite on one
launch.  From the day we arrive we are given daily SECURITY briefings
required by the State Departement that says we cannot talk to anyone about
our payload to anyone on the other teams other than to discuss the
weather and the food...

The fact that all of our amateur satellites are Published on the WEB page
and are rquired by ITU rules to be open to amateur's worldwide, makes no
difference to the State Departemnt....  go figure...

Within these constraints, its just hard to get the word out... when no one
knows anything reliable... anyway...

By the way, the LAUNCH of KODIAK STAR with 3 "amateur" satellites on board
will be on NASA SELECT TV!  (when ever it will be...)

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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