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Re: YABSQ (Yet Another Beginner's Stupid Question)

I was NOT clear on the second question.  The "drift" was not a good word.
What I am describing is: each time (day) that I attempt to listen to AO40. I
find the telemetery at a different freq.
I assume that the day's heat (It's HOT in Texas) causes the d/c to change.

Once accuired, it stays as it should normally (dot doppler.)

If the MB is at a different frequency each time that I fire up the radio,
the rest of my displayed frequencies will also be off from the actual
frequency.  In short, I don't have a clue to what frequency I actually am
on.  How could I accruately record and/or report what frequency of a QSO.

I know some commercial antennas, radio and astronomy, cool their equipment
for frequency stability and accuracy.  I can't afford something like that
and also know that you experts out there don't have the same problem.  I
asking for a solution.

Thanks for all the replies .... I've got to go through all them now and
figure out what's next.

Jerry  N5GPC

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