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Re: AO-40 S1 downlink stopped suddenly

>and the quality of the signal has always been supurb.
>maybe i should hold off buying that new car until firestone fixes their 
>wouldn't want to waste my money on a tire that will not have a vehicle to 
>put it

On the other hand.  Two days before the big flood as the tropical storm kept 
coming and going some friends were going to close on their house in the 100 
year flood plain.  My suggestion was to wait and see if Allison did justice 
to the 100 year predictions.  they postponed the close two days and didnt 
have to suffer the consequences of the house flooding.....

there are I think three possible problems on the bird...either a crib death, 
a continuing problem from the "problem", or there is some software flugulty 
with the RUDAK "testing".  (I assume that the cooling system of the bird 
works with the thing spinning?)

If it is a continuing problem from "the problem" we are I think going to be 
lucky to hold on to the bird.

>i would be talking with the iss more, but i am waiting for the permanent 
>these temporary crews are just no fun. lmao. these people are just too 
Are there "temporary crews" there?  I think that the expedition crews (what 
a joke) are all considered "permenant"...sorry a little humor.

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> > Yes, I'd probably be on mode S already if we hadn't had the December
> > incident.  I was currently thinking of a little more costly system with 
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