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coping with annoying echo

Greg KO6TH wrote:

But, the echo *is* annoying, and a reduction of its volume is nice
as long as you can hear enough to know you're getting through the
bird, and in the place you thought you were.  I wonder if a echo
cancelling product out there?  

Wayne W9AE replies:

I don't think that echo cancelling is necessary.  There are several ways to
cope with the echo.

1. Learn to speak normally even while you hear the echo in your headphones.

2. Use automatic Doppler tuning and turn down the volume when transmitting
so the echo is not obnoxious.

3. If you don't use automatic Doppler tuning, turn down the volume and keep
your transmissions short so the Doppler doesn't change very much during your

Method #2 is essential when operating CW.  Your CW will be extremely sloppy
if the sidetone isn't much louder than the echo signal.  The same technique
is perfectly acceptable on SSB in order to sound "normal".

Wayne Estes W9AE
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