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Bodacious RUDAK + AO40 up on an Arrow

Let's combine my comments last night about the RUDAK signal (on S2) and KE4AZN's fantastic results on S1 with his Arrow Antenna.  What do you get?  You get another elitist-satellite-busting-idea.  For the FM-birds crowd, who like to work primarily with an HT, combine an inexpensive d/c and a modest antenna (K3XS, that just posted, was using a 16-turn homebrw helix into a Drake), an Arrow or any other 70 cm uplink antenna, and a software-soundcard-based TNC (free!), you have a satellite packet radio system that will work the world on an HT!  Well, maybe a pair of HTs until
they get the software-based modem up and running on the U-band uplink.  Right now the uplink (per Stacey's posting last night) is on V-band.  Use an HT and a dual-band mobile rig with 50 W and you have a killer station.  

Another interesting observation from last night's party is how many people are actually using antennas sitting in chairs, on a camera tripod, or on their patio--with no rotor.
Jerry, K5OE
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