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Re: Switching from S2 to S1 using InstantTune

Hi Wayne,
Hope you are enjoying your trip to China, too bad you can't
operate there as I know a few guys who would like to talk to you!

There is a much easier way to do this.

InstantTune lets you name the transponder and select specific
transponders on a satellite - there is no need to edit
the config file or duplicate the keps. Here is how it works:

Let's say you use Howard's (G6LVB) latest transponder set
which looks like this:

;***** Satellite AO-40 P3D *************************************
satellite AO-40 U/S             ; mode U/S, UHF up, S down
transponder 2836.997 invert     ; = 435.649 up + 2401.348 down
beacon 2401.323 usb             ; if you need cw instead, use "cw"
rxconverter 2256.000            ; = converter local osc for 144MHz

satellite AO-40 L/S             ; mode L/S, L up, S down
transponder 3670.710 invert     ; = 1269.362 up + 2401.348 down
beacon 2401.323 usb ; if you need cw instead, use "cw"
rxconverter 2256.000            ; = converter local osc for 144MHz

You can actually enter as many transponders for each satellite as you
like and give them each a mode name up to 5 characters long. In the
above set, the first tranponder is named "U/S" and the second is
named "L/S."

InstantTune doesn't care what you name them so you can also make up
names such as S1 or S2, or even John, Paul, George, Ringo, etc.

If you don`t select a specific transponder, when you start tuning with the
"r" key, InstantTune selects the first transponder in the list. To select
a specific transponder, say "L/S" on AO-40, get to the DOS prompt and type:

         itune mode AO-40 L/S

Now when you start tuning on AO-40, InstantTune will use the L/S transponder.
To reselect the "U/S" transponder just type:

         itune mode AO-40 U/S

To select the default (first) transponder, just omit the transponder name 
as in:

         itune mode AO-40

The satellite transponder selection is stored in a file named "itune.sel" which
is plain old ASCII and you can look at it with a text editor. There is an entry
created for EACH satellite so you can a specific transponder for every 
at the same time (i.e. RS-12 K/T, FO-20 JA etc.)

Note that the new transponder takes effect when you START tuning so
if it is currently running a tuning session, it will not change the running 
but it will change the next one.

Tony AA2TX


At 11:58 PM 8/6/01 -0400, Estes Wayne-W10191 wrote:
>Hello everybody.  I'm jealous of all you folks making contacts on the AO40
>S1 downlink.  I'm stuck in Beijing for a couple weeks, far from my ham shack
>in the USA.
>I'm curious what method other InstantTrack/InstantTune users are using to
>quickly and conveniently switch from the S1 beacon/transponder to the S2
>beacon/transponder.  Editing ITUNE.CFG seems like a very INconvenient method
>to make the switch.
>Now that the orbit is stable, I'm think of duplicating the AO40 keps to make
>two "virtual satellites" called AO40S1 and AO40S2.  That way I can switch
>between the two with a single press of a cursor key, using  InstantTune as
>my "satellite/mode memories".   I would have to recreate the virtual
>satellite names every time I update Keplerian elements, but hopefully that
>doesn't need to be very often.
>I only need two combinations because I only have U uplink.  Others might
>want four combinations for US1, US2, LS1, and LS2.
>I know this approach will work, but is there a better way to get InstantTune
>"mode" memories without creating multiple versions of the AO40 keplerian
>Wayne Estes W9AE
>Beijing, China
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