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S1 party


Yes, indeed it was a party. Such nice signals. What a difference 10dB 
makes. We definitely have a bird that can be worked even if it doesn't get 
better. I never hear Europe that good on HF

I lost the first 20 minutes or so after the switch because my data base had 
a 40Khz error in it and I could not find my own downlink. Since I had just 
been making nice qso on S2, I puzzled for a few minutes. Finally had to 
turn off the computer control for doppler to the FT-847, take the 847 out 
of Track mode, set the transmitter at upper end of band, transmit and 
MANUALLY tune the receiver to find my signal.  How quickly we forget the 
manual processes when computers take over.

Sure enough there it was, but 40kHz from where my first estimates to the 
computer said it was. Once that was set, I entered new values in the 
database and went back to automatic doppler correction. Had several good 
qso on S1 out to about 50,000 km.

For those keeping track of offfsets, etc.

The published Frequency Conversion "magic number" on the amsat web seems 
right on for S1, unlike the number for S2 which is wrong.

The Transponder Conversion Constant  for S1 is 2836.025Mhz and this is just 
what I needed after all my calculations. The like number for S2 seems to be 
the 2836.990 number mentioned here several times.

So if anyone is doing a spread sheet for S1, a 2836.025 Conversion Constant 
worked last night.

Now to try it on several more passes.

Jerry, W6IHG
Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs LLC

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