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Re: RE: 2M CW HT, etc.

Dave and all,

I miss RS10/11 also... I made my first satellite contacts on that bird as 
well. Playing with 10M dipoles, loops, and a 10M Hamtronics pre-amp that I 
built... what great fun! I distinctly remember setting the alarm clock to 
3:00am just to get up and copy the beacon! (my wife didn't appreciate that 

Guess what! I'm having that same fun now learning about AO-40. I modified a 
surplus downconverter with a 3-foot BBQ dish and made about a dozen contacts 
so far. I'm learning about noise figure, dishes, preamps, path loss, squint 
angle, etc. Thank you Gene W3PM for the great spreadsheet. I even got 
scolded by Leila (Whoops;-).

My apologies to anyone I may have transmitted on top of last night or 
couldn't hear returning my CQ's. The pre-amp is on order and I'll have a 
better receive system real soon now. For now I'll  stick to making contacts 
in the earlier part of the orbit when the path loss isn't so great.

My sincere thanks go out to everyone that contributed to the success of 

CU on AO-40

Steve Holly WI2W@hotmail.com

David Reinhart WROTE:
 >I know this isn't polictically correct right now, but I really miss
>RS-10/11 and RS-15. RS-10 was the first satellite I ever used and it was an 
>ideal introduction to OSCAR work. I know RS-12/13 is still there, but it 
>doesn't work nearly as well in Mode A as RS-10 did. RS-15 was a lot tougher 
>to work and never did acheive it's design goals but it was still a lot of 
>fun. The orbit is wonderful: good coverage, easily manageable Doppler and 
>reasonable power budgets. I actually worked the majority of my WAS OSCAR 
>contacts thru RS-15.
>Mode A is a dinosaur and I think that's too bad. I know all about "use it 
>or lose it", etc., but I had a lot of fun on those birds and I miss them.
>Dave Reinhart wa6ilt@amsat.org

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