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"The Dish" and 'working dogs'

"The Dish" was the first movie by 'Working Dog'
http://www.workingdog.com - - but they made it second, because no-one would
back it. So, they made "The Castle" then could get backing for "The Dish". I
made a decision to see it when I heard an interview with Sam Neill who stars
in it, saying that he had said 'yes' when they asked him - - and then had to
talk the guys into letting him star in it! (You had to hear him tell it.)

The dish was built as a scientific instrument, and was used for the Apollo
11 pix. There is considerable debate as to whether it or the NASA station
near Canberra received the pix.

Maggie is correct about 'Frontline' in which Rob Sitch (a trained medical
doctor, by the way) plays a stupid TV show host, dead-pan, and is SOOOOO

The Rob Sitch + Tom Gleisner pairing also made a series of 30-minute
dead-straight fly-fishing shows called "A River Somewhere". Just great.

Their production company makes a weekly TV panel show called... "The Panel",
and comment on the week's events.

Peter Ellis
Amateur Radio VK1KEP

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