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Re: RUDAK testing, Orbit 344

to overcome the problem with the wrong orbit number our guru for satellite 
mathematics :-), DC9ZP has modified the kepset 207 so that it now results 
in correct orbit numbers. You may wish to replace your keps data of AO-40 
against that which are displayed below.

1 26609U 00072B 01207.85522440 -.00000332 00000-0 10000-3 0 1122
2 26609 5.5081 169.4476 7987446 306.1597 4.0986 1.25599180 3401

Since the orbit is very stable now there is no need to replace the keps 
every week. You can keep them over a long time.
Reinhard, DJ1KM

>We are now (2001-07-30, 0112 UTC) in Orbit 344.  NORAD's keps are 
>(continue to be) one orbit number low.

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