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Re: The next satellite

on 7/30/01 2:16 PM, Robert Oler at cvn65vf94@msn.com wrote:

> Why am I not fired up about posters like on QRz.com?  Well because I
> recognize it for what it is...people who have opinions contrary to the
> established "group", people who dont know whatthey are talking about but
> really dont have harm in mind they just dont know that they dont know (the
> theory being why doesnt everyone be as smart as you and I...grin or as one
> person on this forum said "why dont they just get a clue") and then there
> are some who find a bandwagon and want to role on it.

Actually, the opinions of the uninformed such as seen on QRZ.com DOES indeed
matter and what people are spreading IS a problem.

Take for example, so of the things that happened at Dayton:  There was a
group from this reflector no less selling AO-40 BBQ dishes.  Someone came up
and asked why they were selling these since AO-40 was dead.  The sellers
replied, that's not correct and tried to tell this person the real story.
The person wouldn't believe it and insisted that he read it in QST and that
was the end of the story.

Or take for instance the time I was walking through Dayton and asked a
fellow if he had any 220 MHz gear for sale.  He replied, "Why would you want
that?  We don't have that band any more."  That is a quote.

The fact is that MOST people hear rumors or read a headline in QST, 73, or
CQ.  They don't bother to look into the facts.  Then these people go
spreading what they believe to be truth, but the fact is they didn't take
the time to inform themselves.  There is no excuse in today's modern age of
communication to not be properly informed.  If you are going to comment
publicly on some subject such as AO-40 and/or Amsat, you have no excuse if
you have not properly educated yourself.

So from what I've read the people posting the crap on QRZ were not people
who are newbies or who were not able to be educated.  They are people who
don't agree with the concept of what AMSAT is doing, they think satellite
people are a bunch of snobs (common misconception), etc.  So they spread
their opinions seriously hoping to cause damage to the overall program. This
may be conscious or unconscious but it's the truth.

We do need to educate people and provide equal time for all sides.
Unfortunately, it's not just amateur radio that suffers this fate.  I could
go on and on about other topics where the same things happen.  Uneducated
people, who have not read up on a subject and understand it, make comment,
policy, etc. and create great havoc.



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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