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RE: 2M CW HT, etc.

Some years back I was working for a company that is a contract
manufacturer of circuit boards, both fabricating bare boards and
popluating them.  At Toronto I talked up the possiblity of a simple two
meter cw transceiver, the idea being that my employer would produce the
board with smt components mounted at "cost" and the rest of the
components being kitted.  At this point RS-10/11 was still up and quite
useable with only a few watts of power and I thought this would be a
good way to get people started on the birds at a very minimal cost.
Nobody seemed very interested.

One of the reasons this idea came to me is that I had (actually still
have) an AEA DX-Handy ten meter xcvr which is an HT form factor.  I
changed one of the VXO crystals to cover the RS-10/11 downlink passband
and used it portable a few times.  It actually worked better than my
TS-440s because there was no synthesizer noise.  With an ARR preamp and
a 1/4 wave ground plane it pulled in signals like gangbusters.  It and a
two meter cw xmtr would have made a great "grab and go" portable station
for grid square expeditions.

I know this isn't polictically correct right now, but I really miss
RS-10/11 and RS-15.  RS-10 was the first satellite I ever used and it
was an ideal introduction to OSCAR work.  I know RS-12/13 is still
there, but it doesn't work nearly as well in Mode A as RS-10 did.  RS-15
was a lot tougher to work and never did acheive it's design goals but it
was still a lot of fun.  The orbit is wonderful:  good coverage, easily
manageable Doppler and reasonable power budgets.  I actually worked the
majority of my WAS OSCAR contacts thru RS-15.

Mode A is a dinosaur and I think that's too bad.  I know all about "use
it or lose it", etc., but I had a lot of fun on those birds and I miss

Dave Reinhart

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