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RE: SO 35 status

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> Is the one space junk or what ?
> Don't think I have read anything in a long time.

SunSat SO-35
Mode J uplink 145.825 MHz FM
Mode J downlink 436.250 MHz FM

Mode B uplink 436.291 MHz FM
Mode B downlink 145.825 MHz FM

Launched February 23, 1999 by a Delta II rocket from Vandenberg Air
Force Base in California

Status: Non-operational

The SunSat team released the following statement, dated February 1, 2001:

We regret to announce that the last communication with SunSat from
our  ground station at the Electronic Systems Laboratory at Stellenbosch
University took place recently. We are certain, after having performed
several tests since the last contact, that an irreversible, physical failure
has occurred on the satellite. It is therefore unlikely that we will have
any further contact with SunSat, apart from the occasional visual sighting
by telescope!

When it was operational the SunSat package included 1200 and 9600 baud
digital store-and-forward capability and a voice 'parrot' repeater system in
addition to Mode B/J operation with two VHF and two UHF transmit-receive

For more information on SunSat, visit http://sunsat.ee.sun.ac.za/

There you have it.

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