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Re: Black & White Question

>From: Jim Jerzycke <kq6ea@AMSAT.Org>
>At DirecTV we use Triangle Coatings (http://www.tricoat.com) #6 on all
>our antennas. This paint was originally formulated for the NASA Deep
>Space Network, and is called "Goldstone". Wonder where they got the idea
>for that name? Anyway....the stuff is REALLY white, and seems to hold up
>pretty well for about 5 years or so. They have a pdf file on their
>website that lists all the details. Minimum purchase is one gallon, but
>they don't list the price. As I remember, it 'aint cheap, though.
>73, Jim


You probably asked where Goldstone came from ...rhetorically, but in case
others are not aware, the NASA DSN Tracking Facility in the Mojave Desert
north of Barstow, CA is called Goldstone.  It consists of several stations
separated by hills and several miles apart.  The name comes from Goldstone
Dry Lake situated near the complex.  I don't know the story of how the lake
was named, but I suspect it had to do with gold prospecting in the area in
earlier times.

...and now you know the rest of the story...good day! ;-)

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