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Re: previously ao-40, now AO-40 Band Plan

>From: Dale Coleman <kf4sir@earthlink.net>
>>MY guess that psk-31 and SSTV will not need more than one "channel", each,
>>since those modes are not likely to be that active.  CW ops would likely
>>appreciate separation.  The ssb folks probably don't care.  {you FM folks
>>got your own satellites...he! he!}
>Hi Ed and the group, it might be a good idea to consider a 1000Hz 1500Hz or 
>so sub band for PSK31 instead of just a channel.
>This mode may become very poplar soon and may need some room to grow.
>I hope to start working on my AO-40 station soon and PSK31 is on the to do 


I've been down in Dallas for five days at CSVHFS so sorry for the delay.
When I say "channel" and place it inside quotes I am implying that a small
segment of spectrum would be needed rather than a huge passband.  On 20m
psk-31 is found within +/- 500 Hz of 14.070, so 1 KHz might suffice at
first.  Consideration should be given in locating this "1 KHz channel" for
eventual expansion if warranted by demand.  Maybe another term than channel
would be more self-explanatory...I assumed that most readers would
understand that I was speaking of a small frequency sub-band.


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