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Re: misinformed posters on qrz.com

Bob, just for you I will point out the obvious errors in the first negative

>Oh ye gods!

>Not only do they launch right in the middle of
>a solar maximum (really dumb) but the fancy new
>propulsion system clobbers 1/2 the bird.

The comment about the solar maximum shows ignorance on how we get our ride
to orbit.
The propulsion system that failed isn't new, but the new and fancy one saved
the day.

>This one still isn't working right and they want
>us to flush more money down the commode ?

What works, works fine. Accidents happen. I think the fact that the uhf and
vhf downlinks are dead is a good thing. The vhf subband is overloaded,
subject to hi power interference from illegal users and other satellites
(i.e. fm uplinks in the FO passbands). The failure has forced a move to 2.4
ghz that will serve to protect our spectrum and advance the art. Users can
get on from formerly restrictive places.

>If they manage to get the money to do another
>one, I hope they test this one properly !

This shows an ignorance of the budget that Amsat builds and flys under.

>I think we need to learn more lessons from AO-40
>before we waste another dime !
>Barnum once said "A sucker is born every minute!"

THESE LESSONS ARE BEING APPLIED ALREADY!!! Did this guy read the article? JJ
will have a simple transponder, a simple or no propulsion, and will have
open source to help prevent another mishap! Reading comprehension is

On a related note, did you read about the guy who wanted a geosync bird with
FM, so he could work it on the 726 he bought for AO-40 but now thinks he
cannot use? Thankfully K3XS has graciously educated him on the facts, as
well as others.

I do not feel as you suggested that there is no room for disagreement. I do
feel that Amsat (That means you and me and everyone else here) should
present the facts in rebuttal to the whiners, naysayers, and grumpy old men,
especially in such a prominent place as qrz.com. I just had the good sense
to realize that I was not the one best suited for the job.

Drew, KO4MA

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