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Re: UO36?

> As a novice to the Oscars, I would like to know if anyone has worked UO36
> lately? Especially Mode J?
> I assume Mode J  is 9600 baud FSK uplink on 2M & 9600 baud FSK downlink on
> 70cm.

Hi Ken,

Both UO-36 and TiungSat-1 are operating with 38k4 baud downlinks so you need a suitable
modem and receiver wide-band mods to accommodate them. The signals are loud but they
sometimes operate with a negative power budget and the transmitter is therefore not turned
on continuously. You can install some mods in the Windows registry for WiSP to allow you
to turn the downlink on when it comes in range.
Let's know if you need any more details.

Regards, Bill...vk3jt

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