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f/d ratio Scott - Gil - Dr. Jim

Thank you to: Scott, Gil and Dr. Jim. This -bb is wonderful! Well, I have
the old 5Ghz feed and so it was very easy once I knew what to do with the
dimensions. The answer: 0.37. I am in good shape. Dr., I love your style. Do
the math, or just use the ruler and real waves hitting the dish. Hands on...
One will never forget the answer to this question.

I know the high squint is very detrimental to to S Band downlink. However,
even with squints of 5-15, I am only seeing S8.5 to S 9 on the beacon and of
course the QSOs are 10 db down, which puts them to close to my noise floor
at S 5 -5.5. I calibrated my S meter, and while not linear, it is basically
2.75db per S unit. My ears are not what they used to be (I am in the
commercial broadcast business--Earphones for to many years)plus I like
quality audio. I want at least 10-12db of quieting. SO, my 60cm dish with
UEK-3000 can not be improved upon. I need more wave fronts pinging on my
feed. This old dish, with the Patch feed will, I hope, give me ears as big
as my mouth.Hi
The next issue is of course az/el steering. My first plan was to use a
second G-5500 slaved to the original which is doing my uplink. As you so
aptly point out, I am trading one problem for another. At first glance,
weight and torque do not appear to be a problem with a well counterbalanced
dish. STOPPING at the correct place is another matter. Well, this will give
me something to ponder  this week.
Again thanks for all your help.
Gunther Meisse

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