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Re: Whining about AO-40

> I could care less what some luddite posts on qrz.com.  I
> spent about 100 bucks to get on ao-40
> and even with the reduced capabilities its the most fun ive
> had in Hamradio in years.  Amsat is
> doing a great job at getting sats up , much better then our
> competition. Oh thats right , we are
> the only ones doing it.  Lets ignore the whining from the
> 'im sitting on my butt doing nothing'
> crowd and get on with what we like doing. Heck , half the
> fun of getting a bird up there is seeing
> if we did a good job and everything works cause the reality
> is  "were only Amateurs".
> Keith


AO40 has brought me back into the fold. Since I live in a 
rural area with virtually no amateur microwave activity, AO40 
has provided an inexpensive means for me to explore 
S-band techniques. It has introduced me to software 
modems. Mostly it has proved that there are a great bunch 
of hams out there willing to help out and share their

I only wish that I could help out to a greater degree
financially for the new project. There is always the 
slim chance of hitting the Lotto!

Thank you AMSAT! Thanks to everyone that supported 
P3D... and special thanks to the control team that is keeping
the bird alive and well. Thanks to the individuals streaming
telemetry and the people maintaining the servers that keep the 
information flowing.  

Vince Risalvato

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