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Win95 Y2k Updates

Hi Guys,

I have previously sent this info to the BBS, but the URL for obtaining the
update has changed and this is to bring it up to date again.  I am still
getting inquiries on this subject so it won't hurt to restate it anyway,
because of the new people on here.


Several people have had problems opening Satellite Setup windows, etc. in
WiSP32 program using GSC 2.03.  It has been found that the problem can
be fixed by updating Windows 95 with the Y2K update that has been posted at 
http://www.microsoft.com/windows95/downloads/default.asp.  Under the
Updates section select Windows 95 Year 2000 Update. This update has fixed
problem for most people, if not all of them.
If you are having this problem, go to the above site and update your
with the Y2K fixes.  That should take care of the problem.

73, Roy 
73, Roy

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