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Re: turn off the agc


You did ask for the easy way....

The main power switch gives you the option to run these receivers in the O-N
"On Normal" mode or in the O-F-F "On Full Force" mode.  In the latter the
receiver's AGC is defeated.

Unfortunately most equipment suffers a defect, being incapable of operating
in the O-F-F mode, even though the factory went to the trouble to install
this switch, label it, and wire it into the circuit!!!!

I recently learned about this peculiarity from a military technician who
told me he saw this trouble quite frequently.  He would see units come back
from the field with a fault report stating that the unit "...failed to
function in the O-F-F mode".

Have a nice day! :)


Robert W. Stephens
AREA31 Research Facility
AREA31 Radio Observatory
Hangar31 Vintage TV Museum

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what is the easy way to disable the agc on the icom r 7000 and the yaesu ft

thanks in advance
nick k5qxj

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