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Re: CW HT for satellites

Hello laura!

27 Jul 01 08:37, you wrote to All:

 lh> We, on the other hand, can develop our own radios for
 lh> any reason we want to. Even for fun. If all you want
 lh> is a few watts of 2m CW, this might be a better way
 lh> to go. Like so many other things, all the circuitry
 lh> and supporting theory has been published: all you have
 lh> to do is go get it.

Shouldn't be too hard to knock up a 2m CW rig.  Something with a couple of
watts would be an inexpensive project and a fun way to get started on
satellites.  As it only needs to cover 200 kHz, a VXO arrangement could be used
for frequency generation.

Could also be a way to make CW fun for some... testing one's own transmitter.

Tony, VK3JED

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