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RE: Pin point the UO-14 jammer.

>  > Many years ago (something on the order of 12 plus), Courtney Duncan, N5BF,
>  > shared a copy of some software an associate of his was working on called
>  > SATFOXHUNT.  SATFOXHUNT was exactly as the name implies--fox hunting the
>  > location of an unknown station using a known location of the 
>satellite at an
>  > instance in time along with a measurement of the doppler shift of the fox.
>If I'm not mistaken, thats how the SARSAT/COSPAS systems work for getting
>the position of the emergency transmitters onboard downed aircraft...so
>there's been lots of work refining techniques and software and general
>procedures for that.
That is also the inverse of the method used with the US Navy Transit 
satellite system.   A person monitored the Doppler shift of the 
satellite to determine their own position.


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