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Re: Wow, do we get sidetracked or what? :) - New topic (NEW SATS)

ne1h@highrf.com wrote:

> This is very good news as the FO Birds are just about on their last
> leg.  This leaves only the FM birds as good voice birds and they are
> significantly challenged in their usefullness and effectiveness to
> carry on a 2way conversation with more duration than grid exchange.

That would sure be a surprise to the people using the FO birds.  Yes,
the batteries are pretty well shot on FO-20 so it does not run at night,
but during daytime passes it is working just fine.  FO-29 works fine all
the time.  The biggest problem the FO birds have is that too many people
read comments like that and assume that they're not working and wont
bother showing up in the birds.  Therefore, often no one is on the
birds.  I can't tell you how many times I have called CQ from horizon to
horizon and heard nothing but the beacon and my own calls.  I still
spend more time on the FO birds than all the FM birds combined.

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