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Surrey 2000 Pub Quiz

Hi All,

Every year I do a pub quiz for the AMSAT-UK get-together at Surrey.

This is LAST years quiz, ... no prizes, .... I'll post the answers next


Paul, VP9MU



1). How many manned Gemini mission did the US carry out in the 1960s?

2). In the 1970s how many crews inhabited the SkyLab space station?

3). What does the TLA (three-letter abbreviation) LOI stand for?

4). Which country's amateur call sign is prefixed by OX?

5). What does the CW abbreviation "55" stand for?

6). What is the period of a sun-synchronous satellite +/- 5 minutes?

7). Which was the first non-US amateur radio satellite?

8). Which Space Shuttle hosted the first amateur radio QSO in space?

9). In the film You Only Live Twice, which rocket booster is seen launching
the Russian spacecraft?

10). Who wrote in his 1686 book, "Lo, for your gaze, the pattern of the
skies! What balance of the mass, what reckonings"?

11). Who wrote "Our problem is to find out what happens to bodies of
different weight moving in a medium devoid of resistance, so that the only
difference in speed is that which arises from inequality of weight."?

12). Under the current rules what is the maximum difference allowed between
UTC and UT1?

13). In amateur radio circles what does OSCAR stand for?

14). Which country hosts the source of UTC Time?

15). Why do the BBC World Service still quote program start times in GMT
when it hasn't been legal time for over 30 years?

16). Before satellites what was the principal export of French Guyana?

17). What has the NORAD/NASA Catalog of 1?

18). P3D was supposed to launch on Ariane V501, what lucky project bumped
P3D from the flight?

19). What is the launch site designated in the 1960s as WTR more commonly
known as?

20). For how many days did OSCAR I transmit?

21). In AU (Astronomical Units - the Earth-Sun distance being 1), what is
the mean distance of Mars from the Sun.

22). In which year did the US Viking probes land on Mars?

23). In 1975 what did ASTP stand for?

24). To the nearest 100km what is the radius of the Clarke or Geostationary

25). In which publication did Arthur C. Clarke first propose the use of this
orbit and when?

26). When propellants are said to be hypergolic, what does this mean?

27). What does the TLA (three-letter abbreviation) ESA stand for?

28). What does "Barbecue Mode" mean?

29). In the 1991 RSGB Amateur Radio Operating Manual out of 204 pages how
many [pages] were devoted to amateur radio satellites?

30). Who commanded the first manned mission to leave low earth orbit?

31). Who piloted the last Mercury capsule to touch dry land?

32). Which country is allocated call signs starting with "MAA-MZZ"?

33). Which country is allocated call signs starting with "Z2A-Z2Z"?

34). From what site in Australia in the 1960s did ELDO test fire its Europa

35). How many Saturn 4 rockets were launched?

36). In which US state is JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) located?

37). In which year was Mariner 1 launched?

38). In which year was the first module of MIR launched?

39). Which was the third country to have a national satellite in space?

40). Which is the COSPAR designation and which is the NORAD designation, ..
1983 058 B or 14129?

BONUS: Which object was just described?

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